Marketing and Soft Drinks

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Project Guidelines

The major learning objectives of this project:
(1) Ensure that you understand the Fishbein model (A = (Bi.Ei); see attached note on this model.
(2) Learn how to measure the two components of the model in a typical consumer survey:
(3) Learn how to use the data for marketing purposes. That is, you should be able to use the concepts you have learned in this course to make recommendations regarding a good marketing strategy for your brand.

TO DO: Select a particular brand of any product category to study. Assume that you are hired as a marketing consultant to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the brand relative to the competition. In order to do so, you decide to utilize the Fishbein compensatory model of
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Note: you should not base your entire recommendations on just one or two of these questions. Instead, you should consider your entire data before framing your recommendations. Also, please note that apart from the questions relating to the Fishbein model and product involvement, you are free to include whatever questions you feel will give you the most information. Do not feel that you have to include the questions that I have suggested in this handout. And overall, remember not to make your questionnaire very long -- your respondents will get bored and will not give you accurate answers. Also, the more data you get, the more time it will take for you to analyze it. So, you should be careful about not including too many questions.

Due Date: April 7 2011, 9 am. No late report will be accepted.

Other Notes:

1. In general, while this handout contains fairly detailed instructions for the project, creative and original thinking will get high marks. Use of other questions, (apart from the questions given here), that help you to gain insights into the situation, is highly encouraged. Also, please note that you do not have to include all the questions that have been suggested in this handout.

2. Be prepared to do some reading on your own for the project, even before we discuss the material in class. For example, you should definitely read Chapters on attitudes as soon as you can -- they are very relevant for your project.
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