Marketing and Spring Rolls

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Table of contents 2Executive summary 4 1.0 Introduction 5 1.1 Problem statement 6 1.2 Delimitations 6 1.3 Report structure 6 1.4 Methodology 7 2.0 Market research 8 2.1 Background for Research 8 2.2 Research questions: 10 2.3 Information needs / Variables 10 2.4 Delimitation/Scope 11 2.5 Research Design 11 2.6 Research Question Outcome 13 2.7 Statistical analysis 18 3.0 Culture 19 3.1 National Culture 19 3.2 Organizational culture: 22 4.0 Marketing 25 4.1 Introduction 25 4.2 Defining the Market 26 4.3 SWOT Analysis - Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the chosen market 27 4.4 PEST factors - Political, Economic, Social and Technological Factors 28 4.5 Segmentation - Defining…show more content…
Mr. Van started his business in his private cellar where he produced spring rolls that he later sold in Tivoli garden in Copenhagen. His business grew and in 1961, the company took over its first factory. In 1964 the company changed their name to Daloon which means “the big dragon” in Chinese since dragons are known for being friendly towards humans. The company chose this name because consumer experience is something that’s being valued high within the company. Daloon has continued to grow, and today they have products sold in several European countries with their main business in UK, Germany, and Scandinavia. The company also has significant export markets in France, Finland, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. Spring rolls are still Daloon main product, and the group currently produces over 100 different varieties from 20-200 g for cooking in frying, oven and microwave. Daloon range in recent years been extended with a variety of oriental snack products in addition to the Danish specialties, the company has made over many years. The products are made in ‘state of the art’, EEC approved manufacturing facilities in the UK and in Denmark, the home country of Daloon A/S. Both facilities hold the prestigious, BRC Grade A and IFS higher level accreditations. This means that you can be absolutely confident in the first class technical and quality control principles, which the company applies to every aspect of their

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