Marketing and Strategic Elements

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Why do not-for-profit organizations need to engage in marketing efforts?
While non-profit organizations differ from profit seeking firms in several ways, non-profit organizations need to engage in marketing efforts to generate financial revenue to support their causes. All businesses need marketing plans to generate revenue and measure results. In non-profit businesses, community service target levels and education service target levels can be used to measure results. Unlike profit seeking organizations that focus on marketing solely to customers, non-profit organizations have to target clients and sponsors. A marketing plan helps to identify the target customer, identify who needs the service, it creates awareness about the services
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It creates a level of respect and promotes communication. A diverse organization encourages the breaking down of barriers, promotes communication, effective business solutions and customer relations. Diversity can be a competitive differentiator, in both employment and customer markets. A diverse organization can foster innovation and creativity in a comfortable and safe environment.

Suppose you have been hired as a marketer by online retailer Bluefly OR eBay to help develop a new marketing mix. State one thing you would do to improve the retailer’s position through each of the four strategic elements: product, distribution, promotion, and pricing.
I wasn’t sure what Bluefly was until I looked it up; I found that it is an online fashion retailer that sells designer merchandise 40-70% off. Prices range from $24 T-shirts to $1,500 jackets.
Promotion. I found that Bluefly advertises in Magazines such as Allure, Vogue, Lucky, W and Glamour; Glam’s network, and YouTube. Due to the fact that they sell both men and womens’ clothes, I would advertise in the GQ magazine and try to target more of the male customers. They already advertise via television on the Bravo network targeting fashion divas.
Product & Pricing. The reason the company has been successful is due to the products and pricing. As far as products and pricing, I

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