Marketing and Unilever

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FINAL PROJECT PRESENTATION SUNSILK A Project By Presented to : Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Vision Statement Mission Statement The History of The Unilever The History of SUNSILK Shampoo The BCG Matrix of Unilever Products Portfolio of Unilever Marketing Mix of SUNSILK Shampoo Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation, and Positioning of SUNSILK Shampoo 9. Micro and Macro Environment of SUNSILK Shampoo 10.Competitors of SUNSILK Shampoo VISION STATEMENT UNILEVER Work to create a better future every day by inspiring people and develop new ways of doing business MISSION STATEMENT UNILEVER Their mission is “TO ADD VATILTIY TO LIFE” UNILEVER INTERNATIONAL HISTORY • • • • • Unilever is a multi-national corporation, It was…show more content…
• It offers expertise of hair care experts. • The product is relevant among wide masses because of its quality, affordability and constant innovation. • Hierarchy is horizontal so that all the managers have good collaboration with each other that’s why UNILEVERS hierarchy is so much supportive in this regard. SUPPLIER • They have no threat from supplier’s specifically as they have made a contract with suppliers. •They gave them raw material like chemical’s & other thing’s. MARKET INTERMEDIREIS • As far as financial intermediaries concern, UNILEVER have good name in this matter. • They are using old chain with the popularity of their product’s. CUSTOMER • They are well defining with their target market and market segmentation. • Unilever´s product is neither gender specific nor for only one social class. So, we have enough people to cater with. PUBLIC • Public is interested in their product as it may bring a financial interest to our stakeholders and other major factor of this is our media public. • It’s a very good source for them as it lounge under unilever’s company n a very respectable product SUNSILK. • The product of UNILEVER (SUNSILK) is not for the specific age, it covers the following area •Female •Male •Kids •So the demographic area is huge for that product ECONOMIC • As the social class we cater are economically sound and the product of UNILEVER is give also comfort with respect to prices. NATURAL • Our natural environment is
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