Marketing and Woolworth

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What you have to do
For this assignment, you are required to:
Research into an organisation that you are familiar with
Collect relevant information for use in completing the tasks of this assignment

To perform the tasks satisfactorily, you need to conduct extensive secondary research using search engines, the useful websites in the Appendix of OTEN learning resources and any other relevant sources of information.
This assignment continues from Assignment 1. You may need to refer to Assignment 1 to complete the following four tasks.
Suggested response length: 8-10 pages
Task 1 (25 marks)
Describe the implementation of a recent marketing program or a marketing plan of the organisation.
You are required to describe
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packaging to be safety and good looking plus easy to use . every product should registered a trade mark for any new brand in market paid the fees for new brand and application to go through to completed . the consultation for the brand company will check if this new macro product will suit Woolworth production system .it is an enough f program for this macro product against any competition funding available to develop new macro product .( peter mix page 259 ) when the product application start in 4/2/2009 and should be end it three month later around 4/5/2009 has to be ready for pricing and prepare to be in market .

Determine and finalise the price list for retailers > marketing manager > based on info from sales people + industry info from MKIS, relevant macro-environmental
Factors > price list ready for retailers on/before October
2. Determine pricing strategies > marketing manager > feedback from salespeople +
Nature of product, marketing objectives, etc. > by the end of August

Pricing : pricing is very important elements in marketing mix or any new
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