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Case study: Analyzing marketing concept of Zara Company Summary: Zara brand is an attractive case study for many fashion brands around the world for understanding Zara’s business model and their wining factors. One of the Zara’s strategies that make difference between Zara and other competitors is policy of zero advertising. The company tries to invest their capital in opening new branches. As result of this policy Zara is known as fashion imitator trade group and low price fashion products. The range of Zara’s products is wide such as: men\women’s clothing, Zara kids, and shoes, lower and upper garment in various sizes. Designing of Zara’s products are made 50% in Spain, 24% in African and Asian and 26% in the rest of…show more content…
Zara’s business model includes 5 key: 1. Store: is the meeting point between the consumer and Zara fashion offers. 2. Logistic: customer oriented, planed with highest flexibility, gaining order to store delivery 24H. 3. Customer: customer is one of the business elements that play vital role in various aspects such as: production, store design, team and logistic. 4. Design(production): ideas comes from store 5. Team: with high sales knowledge towards the consumers and try to make a pleasant environment.(Inditex group. 2012) Market planning: Zara’s has vast range of missions in order to be greatest retail company in fashion world. Throughout Zara’s business model, they intend to help to the sustainable development of the world. (Source: Zara website) Zara’s mission statement indicates that: Zara’s business is run in clothing industry. The market is for all kind of society with different cultures and members. Zara’s value and goals are in associated with satisfaction the consumers tastes. Target market: Zara’s target market is people from teens to adults, men and women. Zara’s major target is women, and their primary age group is between25 to 40.(Branding project of zara,2011) Goals and Objectives: Become the world leader in retail clothing by focusing on product variety, speed-to-market and store position Establishing loyalty to consumers, Provide

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