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The comprehensive analysis of market entries to China for Holden \ Executive summary With more and more countries taking part in the international trade, the world’s market is expanding in a rapid pace. How to make use of the enlarging market and remain competitive become urgent for those participants. Market diversification is a good way to take full advantage of the resource and improve the efficiency by enlarging the business scope. In addition, it can also ease the pressure of competition and reduce the cost. The report mainly discuss that Australian Holden may enter Chinese market and chooses Shanghai as the target market. The report firstly analyzes the Australian and Chinese market and briefly…show more content…
| |China |Australia | |Economy |A developing country, the world’s second |Developed country, affected by the | | |largest economic entity with rapid |economic crisis but is recovering | | |development | | |Demand |The world’s largest population with |Relatively strong demand | | |strong demand | | |Consumption |A large country with high level of |Relatively large consumption domestically| | |consumption | | |Technology |High technology with effort of importing |Advanced technology | | |advanced technology | | |Culture |Collectivism (eastern culture with long |Individualism(western culture) | |

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