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Marriott is a multi brand company with a Global Portfolio that providing lodging that fit within many market segments. This report will discuss briefly Marriott’s Portfolio of hotels, what they do, briefly examine a number of their key marketing strategies and examine how they are implemented, measured and ask the question does this make them market leaders?

The final part of this report will try to identify if there are services or products that can be improved upon or a marketing strategy that can be approved or changed.

Marriott International within their respective market segments are one of the largest hotel groups globally.
The Marriott brand ranges from 5
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Training is important to this segment to ensure that the revenue discipline have the most up to date knowledge of technical and revenue management function such as, Revenue Strategy/ Analysis, Business Evaluation and Inventory Management.

Marriott use trend analysis that allows them to make better business decisions. An example of trend analysis would be the monitoring of market conditions on a local and regional basis that will affect demand in a positive or negative way. For example a weekend concert will increase demand to the area, which in turn will show an increase in rate to ensure maximum revenue is achieved during this period,

In order to drive and capture demand needs, Marriott use specific distribution and sales Channels, an example of these are:

• Global Accounts – responsible for the entire portfolio of hotels on a global scale. Account Managers are responsible for driving partnerships and joint initiatives that will give Marriott market share in key business segment and transient, business.
• Global Sales and Support Services – these provide Marriott with the necessary programmes, products and services that position Marriott within the industry as a leading provider. An example of these are, Hotel booking agent training programmes – Hotel Excellence and Wholesaler Support Desk.
• E-Channels- Develop sales and educational programmes by providing incentives to drive preference for Marriott Brands within phone centre
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