Marketing for Teenagers Essay

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Marketing for Teenagers Jennifer PSY/322 Don Crabtree May 14, 2012 Today’s teenagers are our newest generation susceptible to advertisement. In order to properly market for these children one must first understand them. Teens are the technological junkies of our nation, these children ranging from ages 12-18 have never gone a day without the internet. They are less trusting then previous generations with today’s advertisements. Also, peer acceptance and personal appearance is very important to this generation, this playing a key role in marketing. Teenagers are more aware of scams that happen every day and are less likely to fall for one. Since the internet is their primary source of entertainment this is…show more content…
“Music, fashion, cosmetics, and video games are important in terms of peer acceptance and fitting in.” (Williams & Page, n.d.) When marketing, these are factors that need to be played upon along with haircuts and clothing. Clothing is a way to socially fit in. Name brand clothes are more widely worn because they are more “socially acceptable” amongst teenagers. Teenagers though they are computer savvy are still a bit naive. Most teenagers are unaware that through social networking, the information they put on these sites are available for anyone to see. Though there is security measures taken to hide their information there are ways that the government, marketers, schools, and potential employers can access this information. From a marketers perspective being able to gather information from a social site would be an advantage because that is the inside world of teenagers. The things they would not normally say out loud can be found on social networking sites. Their wants and needs, how their day has gone, whether they are single or in a relationship. All these things can be used in marketing for this age group. “Understanding the attitudes towards online social networking goes some of the way to understanding how consumers view the advertising on these sites” (Louise, 2008). With the information gathered about today’s generation of teenagers one can conclude that these teens are not easily
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