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The importance of Marketing in Business February 19, 2013 In the following paragraphs the definitions of marketing will be developed in accordance to different sources. The importance of a strong marketing department to drive successful business will be discussed relaying in real life examples from MGM International strategies. “The purest treasure mortal times can afford is a spotless reputation- William Shakespeare.” (Brenner, 2013) Marketing in my own words are the strategies used by business to attract more clients and to differentiate from…show more content…
I have to make sure my entire department is properly trained and everyone is sharing the benefits with our guest. M life drives millions of guest to MGM International property because of the greatness of the program. It rewards guest for staying in the rooms, having dinner, enjoy a show and gambling. “It is the ultimate way to earn rewards for virtually every dollar you spend. All you have to do is enjoy hotel, dining, entertainment, and spa experiences - along with slots and table games - and you'll earn your way toward amazing rewards and benefits.” (About M life, 2013) The reason I selected M Life as the main example is because this company focuses on rewards its guest, this is the way MGM drives all their products and services from retail to food and beverage. Other examples of marketing within this company are the advertisement of its services and products through property websites. Also the company has associated with several partners such as Cirque du Soleil, Avis, the Light Group, Royal Caribbean and many more. This associations gives the guest more options of earn rewards while they have fun. This is a magnificent marketing strategy because guests are more likely to return to MGM resorts. Marketing can make a huge difference in business; good marketing can set a company as a leader in the industry. “Because it is its purpose to create a customer, any business enterprise has two,

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