Marketing in Coca-Cola

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Marketing in coca cola From the pharmacy in Atlanta, in 1885, Dr.John Pemberton introduced coca-cola a beverage that could cure headaches. From Pemberton's pharmacy Coca-Cola has exploded into shops, supermarkets and restaurants in more than 200 counties. The refreshing classic image of coca-cola has earned the soft drink company its reputation as an American staple with a huge following of brand loyal customers. (Matthew Hartogh, 2002)The soft dink company's market niche however has had an increasingly competition from the demand of energy drinks and people with a healthy obsessed culture. Through intensive and detailed research, the soft drink company has sought to effectively acquire an insight in the lives of their target market vis-Ã -vis the youth. In this regard the marketing agency of the company was allowed to create an integrated marketing communications campaign that sort to increase both the consumption and brand health of coca cola classic. As of this day, coca cola is an internationally recognized soft drink company with great and ambitious plans to further grow the brand majority of the soft drinks in the coolers, and in vending machines. The brands include among others, sprite, fanta and so forth on a worldwide scale. SWOT Analysis Strengths Coca cola is the Market leader in soft drinks; the company has massive global appeal with products loaded with exclusively over-romanticizing image, an image many people from all walks of live have taken deeply

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