Marketing in the Operational Context: the Case of Ikea

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I. Introduction

In the recent years, the operations of many businesses have become global in nature. The internationalization of businesses phenomenon paved the way for various organizations to conveniently expand in other nations. By penetrating the international marketplace, organizations are able to acquire greater market in which to sell their products or provide business. One of the largest companies that has become global today is IKEA. As Swedish-based company, IKEA is a home furnishing retailer specialist. It started selling nylon stocks, picture frames, pens, table runners, wallets, jewelries and watches. Eventually, they included furniture in their product range.
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But the aforementioned factors are among the important ones. The political factors for the retailing industry include the political stability of the country, intellectual property protection as well as pricing regulations.

III. Market for Furniture and Home Furnishing Retail Industry
During the early years of the furniture retailing industry, it does not lend itself to globalization. It is almost unimaginable before that this industry would industrialize. But through innovations like in the case of IKEA, the industry was
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