Marketing mix analysis of The Warehouse

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An analysis of market segmentation, target market and marketing, mix of THE WAREHOUSE
Where everyone gets a bargain

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Identification and Background

The Warehouse, is a New Zealand based company and is one its largest discount retailers offering a wide product offering ranging from Apparels, Jewellery, Fragrances, Gift sets, Books, Music, Entertainment, Gaming, Toys, Electronics, Sports and outdoor goods, Pet care, Home ware, Hardware, Gardening, Automotive accessories to Cards and Insurance policies. “The Warehouse Group
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(Armstrong et al., 2102).
This process helps a firm or organisation in focusing its marketing effort towards a specific segment or a group of segments. Depending on the product, organisational goals, the size of the firm and the marketing resources available a firm may target only one ‘niche’ segment or alternatively focus on several related segments. Another method can be to start with one segment and add more when business grows successfully. Large companies often target all market segments and try to serve them by offering a large variety of products to suit all their needs, wants and demands.
The Target Market of ‘The Warehouse’
The target market of The Warehouse is Families. All of their marketing efforts are targeted to serve them. Their product, price, placement and promotion are all focused on this particular group.


The 4 P’s

Product, Price, Place and Promotion also commonly known as the 4P’s are the major factors or tools with which a firm or an organisation operates in the market by offering a superior value proposition to its clients and customers and thus earning value back from them in return to achieve the objectives of its shareholders. These 4P’s are combined together to form the marketing mix of a firm.

The Concept of marketing mix

Marketing mix is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools which that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market.

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