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Content Page Introduction 2 Task1 1.0 The marketing mix on the Black Sheep Brewery 2 1.1 Product 2 1.2 Promotion 4-5 Sales Promotion Sponsorship Advertising 1.3 Place 6 1.4 Price 6 Task 2 2.0 Logistic Facilities on the Black Sheep Brewery 7-9 Task 3 3.0 International Operation on the Black Sheep Brewery 9 3.1 Social/Culture 10 3.2 Legal 10 3.3 Economic 11 3.4 Political 11 3.5 Technical 12 3.6 Competitors 12 Introduction It was in October 1992 when The Black Sheep Brewery beers first made an appearance in pubs in and around the Yorkshire Dales. The delivery of those first casks of beer over ten years ago began a new era for Paul Theakston, whose family has brewed in Masham for five generations. It also allowed him to…show more content…
I thought that it would be marketed in these groups because these are the most likely to go down to the pub and drink beers and bitter such as Black Sheep Ale. The packing of Black Sheep is really for marketing purpose. Because of this, there is something about the packing. Black Sheep is sold only in bottles and cash ale. It is not sold in cans. It shows that their quality and their marketing purpose about packing. The Black Sheep Brewery have been brewing since 1992 and now have five Ales on sale. I think that The Black Sheep Brewery has five different of product because of they want to keep always selling the product. In my opinion, they need to focus on younger people as well, with brewing a new beer to get young people attention. Like "Ice Beer "two companies named Tetley and Carlsberg formed a partnership in 1993 to make a new product for young people. It was "Ice Beer". 1b Promotion Promotion is the direct way in which an organisation attempts to communicate with various target audience. Promotion consists of five main elements: Advertising, Personal selling, sales promotion, Public Relations and Direct Marketing. Sales Promotion As Black Sheep is sold in many different ways, they can have numerous different types of sales promotions. They can offer price reductions and Buy One Get One Free, such as at supermarkets, happy hours at pubs, and added value, e.g. extra free. They have also done charity promotions; see Public Relations, and competitions.

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