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Name: Doğancan Yüksel
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Introduction The Airline market’s success or future lies through marketing because this sector is in competition with other modes of transportation such as bus, high-speed train. Also, the product that airlines serve is a somewhat typical service. Therefore, it has to be differentiated with marketing processes. All in all, marketing is one of the most elements in the airline sector and it is highly used by the companies, and special\specific marketing techniques have been developed to use it in the sector. Also, we will be in aviation sector, therefore doing the marketing research in airline sector will
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Direct competitors of Easyjet in market: British Airways, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Air France-KLM, Swiss International Air Lines

History and Development of EasyJet
The airline was established in 1995 as part of the Easy-group conglomerate. It was launched by Cypriot businessman Sir Stelios Haji Ioannou with two Wet leased Boeing 737-200 aircraft, initially operating two routes: London Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh. In April 1996, the first wholly owned aircraft was delivered to EasyJet, enabling its first international route to Amsterdam. Until October 1997, the aircraft were operated by GB Airways, and subsequently by Air Foyle as EasyJet had not yet received its Air operator certificate. In 2000, EasyJet’s flotation on the London Stock exchange took place in 2000 at an offer price of 310p, valuing the Company at £777m. Shortly after, EasyJet joins the FTSE 250 list of companies. In March 1998, EasyJet purchased a 40% stake in Swiss charter airline TEA Basle for three million Swiss Francs. The airline was renamed EasyJet Switzerland and commenced franchise services on 1 April 1999, having relocated its headquarters to Geneva International Airport. This was EasyJet 's first new base outside the United Kingdom. On 16 May 2002, EasyJet announced its

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