Marketing of Food & Beverage Products- a Study on Akij Group

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MARKETING OF FOOD AND BEVARAGE PRODUCT A STUDY ON AKIJ GROUP ( SPECIALY MOJO SOFT DRINKS ) [pic] Submitted To DR Professor Shawqatul Meher Faculty Of Business Administration. Ex- Dean. Southern University, Bangladesh. Submitted By Fatema Begum ID-136 A4 02 4th Batch Program-MBA Major-Marketing. Southern University, Bangladesh. . . Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Origin of the Report 5 1.2 Objectives 5 1.3 Scope 5 1.4 Methodology 5 1.5 Limitation 6 2.0 Company Profile 7 Mission, Vision, Goal and Objective 7 2.2 Akij Group 8 2.3 Akij Jute Mills Ltd. 9 2.4 Akij Match Factory Ltd. 9 2.5 Akij Food & Baverage Ltd. 10 2.6 Akij Cement Company Ltd. 11 2.7 Dhaka Tobacco Industries 11…show more content…
2. Most of the interviewees are from different private universities. 3. Lack of in-depth understanding of certain terms and concepts to the interviewed people. 4. Inadequate knowledge of interviewed people about the product MOJO Cola. 5. Age variation is very low as respondents are most of young people. 2.0 company profile Mission, Vision, Goal and Objective [pic] Vision Any company’s vision is actually the dream to which the company always strives to reach where it may become possible or not. Here it is also not apart for Akij Group. Expanding the business in the abroad fully and becoming one of the market leaders internationally- this company thinks in this way as a part of their vision. Mission The mission of Akij Group is to be the market leader by 2011 through their best effort, suitable and competitive marketing strategy and the consumers support. Now they are in the position of challenger and their vision focuses on those missions, goals and objectives which will make them able to be the leader from the challenger to the leader in the market. Goal The company’s goal is to maximizing the market share in their every categorized business including Akij Food & Baverage Ltd, Akij Cement Company Ltd, Dhaka Tobacco Industries, Akij Textile Mills Ltd and Akij Particle Board Mills Ltd. Objective The objective of Akij Group is to provide the quality products and services in such a form that the customers demand. Strategy The company always

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