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Kowloon Dairy Marketing plan 2016 By Chris Ng Content 1. Introduction 2. Current marketing situation • Market analysis • Competitor analysis • Customer analysis • Company analysis • SWOT analysis 3. Recommendation • Marketing objectives • Recommended target market • Recommended position Introduction This marketing plan examines capitalize on the production line extension – sport milk into the Hong Kong market, and makes recommendations regarding its launch. Kowloon Dairy is a supplier of milk products. It has 450 employees and more than 30 fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks that guarantees the integrity of…show more content…
The number of people drinking fresh milk and coffee milk and milk’s products are growing, and the market for soya milk is shrinking, since the report of government said that too much soya milk will no longer healthy. • Hong Kong people concern about the source of the milk, after the Melamine scandal from china milk, and the milk from Japan. They are concern and would like to choose from Hong Kong. • The Market size of the drinking milk is very large, the current retail sales reach 192 million pounds in 2015; also the customers care about the health getting more and more, so they would pay for many different favorer milk and functional addition products. • The demand for fresh milk in Hong Kong grew at 10% per annum from 2010 to 2012 and then at around 15% per annum from 2013 to 2015 • Hong Kong’s 20 million residents enjoy new foods and flavors, and lead the nation in food and restaurant trends. Many restaurants make milkshake and milk’s desert and food. • There was a strong increase in consumption of flavored milk drinks over the first half of the review period there was a switch among consumers to chocolate-based flavored powder drinks due to more affordable product pricing. That was considerable increase in unit prices in flavored milk drinks and to the economic over 2008 and 2009. • Milk for children accounted for a retail value share of 76% of milk in 2011 as products in milk tend not to be heavily

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