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This marketing plan is specially measured to the company Huawei. Huawei is an international company which produces devices for telecommunication, with their phones being the most important product. Their vision is to deliver electronic communicating solutions to make the life of their consumers better. This marketing plan is requested by Huawei to find a way to accelerate the sales of Huawei’s phones internationally, with a targeted 10% raise in market share in Europe.
In this report the proposition of the marketing plan can be found, with specific data about the different subjects and explanation of a market winning approach. We will start by analysing the
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Huawei wants to increase brand awareness in Europe by launching a marketing campaign
2. Huawei wants to increase their market share in Europe by 10% within four years.

SMART analysis
Specific – 10% market share in Europe and brand awareness comparable to Samsung.
Measurable – When the goal has been reached, data analysis companies will show the steep gain of market share by Huawei before comparing it to the competition in the smartphone market.
Acceptable – Huawei has been planning to expand to European public and raise awareness to increase their global market share. This will mean that they get to compete with huge brands like Apple and Samsung on an even scale, so this will eventually increase their profit margin.
Realistic – The achievement of obtaining a 10% market share within four years should be realistic if quality is similar and prices are more attractive than the competition.
Time – At least 4 years is needed to create a decent market share like 10%, because customers most likely have a subscription
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