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Executive Summary
In our country there are various types of soft drink available, but Green Coconut water is rear in Bangladesh. So, we want to market Green Coconut Water. We have prepared this feasibility plan on that basis. We have assigned a name for the product as “Malala”. Since the raw materials are very much available in our country, we have decided to give the product an indigenous image.
Malala is a kind of soft drink that provides the consumers with processed green coconut water in bottles. For the marketing purpose of the product we have decided to launch three product lines. The Malala would be launched in the market at 250 ml. 500 ml. and 1 Litre bottle.
We have set a reasonable price for the product so that all kinds of
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About 5 million people of this total number are health conscious. They spend about Tk. 500 in a month in average.
Sick people: Sick people are one of our major considerations. More than 1 million children suffer from diarrhoea that need liquid food. Not only child but also the adult might suffer from those types of problems.
Tourists: Every year a huge number of tourists visit Bangladesh. We want to provide them with “Malala”.
General Customers: Besides the above segments, the general customers will acquire a significant portion of our target market.
Competitor Analysis
The major soft drinks and juice companies of current market are:
Pran Groups
Uro Cola
RC Cola
Coca cola
Foreign Products etc.

Market Research and Analysis
Our company wants to develop and introduce a new Product. So, we have gathered information through in-depth interviews. We made a survey of the market to have a clear idea about our market, our customer demand, needs and wants. This information helps us to know about the current market and prospects of our new product.
Market Description
Bangladesh is a country of about 150 million people.. The total market size of the soft drink industry is about 20 million and day by day it is increasing. We have a spread nationwide market of different convenient product. People are nowadays very much concerned about the market and product
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