Marketing stragy of Lufthansa Airlines

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1. Introduction

The Passenger Airline Group Lufthansa is the core business segment of the Lufthansa Group. It is the most prestigious and largest airline of the world. It is an aviation group with a network of more than 400 subsidiaries around the globe as well. In 2011, the Lufthansa Group employed approximately 120,000 people, generating revenues of 22.3 billion Euros in total. To do so, they welcomed more than 65 million passengers on board their flights, enabled by a fleet consisting of more than 400 aircrafts.

“Quality, innovation, safety and reliability have always been the characteristics of
Deutsche Lufthansa and will remain so in the future.” (Star Alliance, Member Airlines, Lufthansa)

2. Marketing Mix
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“In a strong corporate group with economies of scale and a global network to realise synergies and transfer knowledge systematically the group airlines and service segments can apply their individual strengths with greater force. By striving continuously for safety, quality and innovations that make our business more socially sustainable and reduce its environmental impact we use to improve our opportunities on the market” (“Vision“; Lufthansa investor relations;

3.3 Strategy of the company

The company has set four key strategic goals towards which they orientate and conduct business performance. These strategic goals are rests on four pillars:
To increase company value

This goal is necessary for future viability and successful development. They are focus for continuing to invest successfully in the certain segments. For instance, consumers, fleets, products and employees, for meeting return obligations to shareholders and keeping product and service promise to customers.
To expand the leading market position of their airlines and service companies by actively shaping the aviation industry

As the one of the largest aviation groups and recognized marketing leader they need to play an active role in shaping the development of the industry and take benefit in the global growth of the airline sector. The company want to achieve it by continue expanding existing partnership and to initiate

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