Marketing strategies adopted by F&N Dairies

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Fraser and Neave Limited (F&N) has its origins, more than a century ago, in the spirited decisions of two enterprising young men, John Fraser and David Neave, who diversified from their printing business to pioneer the aerated water business in Southeast Asia in 1883. From a soft drinks base, F&N ventured into the business of brewing in 1931, dairies in 1959 and glass bottle manufacturing in 1972, property development and management in 1990 and publishing & printing in 2000.

A renowned brand that has since become a household name to many, F&N has established itself as a leader in the Food & Beverage arena in Malaysia since the 1930s. Beyond soft drinks, it has successfully ventured into beer brewing, glass manufacturing as
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The firm's overall objectives should also guide its decision regarding the consistency of the product mix. A highly consistent product mix may make it easier to introduce new items. Consumers in such a case may be more likely to perceive that the firm could do a good job of producing a new product that is consistent with products in the company's existing mix. Again, we can add the introduction of Yoplait yogurt drink in this example.

A brand is a name, term, symbol, design, or combination of these that identifies the seller's goods and services and distinguishes them from competitors' products. F&N itself is a brand name. The F&N brands have grown in a very positive direction in the past few years. F&N have continued to solidify the brand's capitalization in the market each year. For example, Magnolia, Farmhouse and Daisy have brought F&N into 2nd position with a 25% share excluding sales to coffee restaurant chains like Starbucks. Another example, F&N is the number one in the coffee chain category with almost 50 % share.

The biggest challenge is to consistently reach out to the consumers and to appeal towards their constantly changing individual life-style preferences and sense of taste. Consumers today are more informed and are more discerning of what they want, thus, it is a task for F&N to cope with their demands and to be a step ahead of their needs and of the competition that surrounds F&N. Today, F&N possess brands that are relevant to
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