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MA Design Management for Fashion Industries Name: Leong Ruoh Shiang Course: Fashion Brand Marketing Course Leader: Anna Watson Case Study: Chinese Herbal Medicine Cosmetics brand, Herborist Topic A International Marketing Strategies of Herborist Abstract This paper attempts to investigate the internationalization process of a Chinese domestic cosmetics brand, Herborist by making a comparison of marketing strategies applied for different countries as a case study. In addition, by gaining understanding on the development of a local brand and analyzing the issues, which block the way for business expansion, suggestions are made for the exploration of future potential market.…show more content…
(Labbrand,2010) The mystical and harmonic of Chinese herbal plants is fully shown by altering all these valuable plants into a new series of natural extracted organic herbal skin care products and thus has become the legendary of herbal beauty care. Ever since their establishment, Herborist has been encouraging the concept of being environmental-friendly. The company is advocating the natural beauty, which is gifted from the mother earth and proposed their specialization in fusing the elementary inner energy of Chinese medicine into a miracle beauty essence. Herborist has more than 200 star products which include hair and body care, herbal skin care, hands and feet line, acnes treatment, aromatherapy oils and perfume. The target consumers of Herborist is female from the age of 25 to 35 years old who has a demand for individualized healthy beauty. The first exclusive Herborist store was opened in August 1995 at the HongKong Plaza (Kelvin Zhou, 2011), Shanghai and experienced a great success in Chinese market by introducing the market its brand-new green herbs high-end beauty care products. By setting green, fresh, organic and healthy as its brand image, the company has won a great reputation as well as leading the trends of Chinese cosmetology. After spending five years in launching the countrywide franchise system, the sales mode was further expanded and established it first and second

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