Marketing the Water Taxis

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I believe that the idea for water taxis in Miami could work. There are a few reasons for this recommendation. The research has shown that the water taxi concept is profitable if the pricing structure is left to the operators (Cook, Mahon & McConney, 2007). The idea holds water when the economics of the concept are fully studied. In general, however, these deal are executed on the basis of public-private partnerships, and that is something that has further implications for policy. I believe that the big idea addresses both public and private stakeholders. In addition to the potential customers, I believe that stakeholders include individuals who seek a wide range of outcomes. Savas (2000) makes note of the role that public-private partnerships often play in these types of situations. Because the idea is tied up in the issue of public transportation, there are public consequences, even if the business is entirely private. Often, such businesses are not private, however, and this raises the specter of influence from local politicians. Usually, politicians from nearby will favor a policy of water taxis but politicians from areas of the city or county not close to the water will oppose the water taxi concept. The target market will be mixed. Some of the target market will consist of those who re in town temporarily, the tourist trade. By linking the cruise ship terminal with downtown Miami and South Beach, the water taxi will deliver a service that the average visitor finds
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