Marketing to Develop a Country

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Japan is America’s fourth largest buyer of products. One thing that is very noticeable of the Japanese people is their love for technology, culture, and nice things. In terms of a new business, Japan would be the ideal place I would look into if a small business were extending across the waters. In terms of what will be sold, I would look into selling vehicle parts to mechanics and car fanatics such as turbos, struts, rims, car designs, decals, engines, etc. Japanese are some of the biggest names in drifting and racing when it comes to custom made cars and I think this would definitely thrive in this country. With the many different organizations that purchase and place accounts with companies in Japan for this reason, the company would…show more content…
Shopping has largely been done online in the last decade and when it comes to marketing a product, it is more convenient and possibly more cost efficient to increase awareness and purchasing online. Of course, with the kinds of products and shipments we will be offering, we will have options to purchase the type of shipping, different types or makes of the same product, and security per product shipment, product, and customer information available. We would also have the web page in different languages especially for the markets that we cater to including the Korean and Japanese markets since these are small things that could affect business. A large part of the world only speak one language but we have to cater to our main markets and make sure that the customer service they receive is just as good online as it is in person. Most of the bigger decision as far as commercial and administrative will come directly from the office here in America but since we are marketing in the Japanese area with a potential to market in the Korea, I would have satellite offices with distribution centers in those countries as well. Each country needs to be able to maintain its own production, assembly, and service including political and foreign policies in marketing for business and more. The best option for growth for a company of this magnitude would be to capitalism on many projects that will
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