Marks And Spencer Case Study

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Q1: In the light of literature above, critically evaluate how T&D activities link with career progression at M&S?
Marks and spencer is a very well established brand in the UK. With almost 120 years of heritage. In the previous years, the retailing market of UK has faced tough competition. Customers are more aware of where and how they want to shop. They also know what sort of shopping experience they require. This has made it much more difficult for retailers to in order to remain at the top of the people preferences M&S needs to make some changes in their overall organizational system.
For this purpose, training and development activities can help the organization to develop their career opportunities for their employees, so that
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It also recruits managers at three different levels:
• trainee managers with A-levels undertake 24 months of training
• graduates who join the organization from university have 12 months of training
• Experienced managers who have retail experience undertake up to 3 months of training when they join Marks & Spencer. This helps them understand how Marks & Spencer operates.
Training and development brings benefits to both Marks & Spencer and its employees. Training provides a series of learning experiences for individuals and develops their technical skills. Training also helps to increase efficiency and it motivates its employees to perform their best. These benefits in making positive changes to the way in which they work and make decisions. Development helps individuals use the training to meet their individual needs and ambitions. By training and developing its staff well, Marks & Spencer is in a position to develop a competitive advantage over its
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Training and development brings new skills which help to add value to its products and services, for example by cutting costs. This enables the company to keep prices lower to benefit the customer.
• Investing in the environment within stores. Better technical skills in sales and stock management mean that staff can use the store to better advantage resulting in higher sales and profitability.
• Providing good customer service to look after customers. If staff has improved skills in, for example, communication, this can have a positive impact on customer service.
The training and development activities help the organization to find the best possible replacement when an employee is leaving. And also train the current employees the right and appropriate amount of skills which they will need to perform their job and achieve their goals. This will also guide them in planning their career

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