Marks Of Maturity

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Are you hitting the marks of maturity? Time is flying and here we are in the 21st century. Thing change as time goes on and one thing that has really been changing is maturity in kids. Nowadays teens are over all maturing later in life than in the past. They may be ahead in some areas of life but they are missing quite a bit due to lots of new technology these days. Read on to learn more about maturity and what you can do to help others and yourself hit the mark.

One big problem of materity these days is that kids and teens are just learning too much too fast. Sociology professor Tony Campolo said, "I am convinced we don't live in a generation of bad kids. We live in a generation of kids who know too much too soon." Teens are just more exposed to everything at such a young age it stunts their maturity more than it helps it to grow. According to Tim Elmore, "From an intellectual perspective, students today have been exposed to so much more than I was growing up-and far sooner, too. Everything is coming at them sooner." New information is great and essential to growing up but it shouldn't be gained to soon.
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They interact with adults in an adult manner. Those kinds of students are downright refreshing." In this paragraph I will be going over some of the "marks of maturity" Tim goes over. Making and Keeping long term commitments is a very important skill that shows someone is grown up. This meaning, even if you don't want to do something you have the disipline to do it. Another skill is seeking wisdom before acting upon something. Teens these days go to the internet for everything whereas going to a parent or person may be a much better option as they can tailor their message to them. These skills can be learned and taught but like everything in life, it takes practice to become good at
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