Mark's Position At Seventh Heaven

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Human behavior is the key to achieve success in life and positive behavior in an organization is the key to success of the business. Human attitude and behavior plays an important role in life as well as in business organizations and the study of human behavior in organizational settings in commonly referred to as organizational behavior. According to Griffin and Moorhead (2011), “organizational behavior is a study of relation or interface between human behavior and the organization” (p.4). In view of its importance in organizational context, companies pay close attention to this aspect and this paper provides a report on the behavior of Mark, the manager and John, a enthusiastic hotel graduate in Seventh Heaven Resort. Behavioral…show more content…
Mark believes in himself and wants to prove his skills. This determination brings out the best character from him and it is evident from the various researches that a persons’ level of self efficacy; a belief that one can successful accomplish; is often strongly predictive of the person’s actual capability to carry out a task. According to Hellriegel and Slocum (2007) self esteem which is conceptually related to self efficacy, affects organizational behavior and other social settings in several important ways and is related to initial vocational choice (p.48). This is evident in Mark’s job selection wherein he was attracted by the large organization, pay package, working environment, etc. John retrospectively joined the institution with only one aim of getting higher paycheck and this is main difference between Mark and John and their characters. Due to the inability to show his skills in the organization and lack of support from the management has caused much stress and dissatisfaction upon Mark. Stress is the internal feeling of unease and tension which is a result of one of more obstacles faced in the way while working hard to achieve a goal. Stress can have both positive and negative impacts mainly, physiologically, emotionally, and behaviorally (Hellriegel and Slocum, 2007, p.186). Mark seems to work harder but does not receive any support from his management in the form of encouragement, or motivation. It is important to mention here that the only time they

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