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Effectiveness of the campaign
M&S always had great products, though the prices have always been too high compared with other supermarkets. And that’s probably why people don’t come to M&S regularly.
M&S is everyday changing to try and get new customers in. It is important to have customers in the stores, by that M&S makes profit and won’t make any loss.
M&S has always very strong advertisements, as such the new one, with Dannii Minogue. M&S is using her face to get customers attention and make them buy their clothes. By having this celebrity in their advert, customers will want to buy the same clothes, because they want to look young and fashionable. This is a brilliant idea to get customers to come to
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New proposed promotional plan
I have to design my own promotion campaign for one of M&S products or services. I have chosen M&S’s Plan A cut on waste as the focus for my promotional campaign.
I will be using some of the greatest promotional activities used by big stores like Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda to campaign for this cut on wastage.
M&S Plan A cut on waste

M&S launched the Plan A in January 2007 with the purpose of setting up 100 commitments and achieve them in 5 years. It has been extended now for 180 commitments to achieve by 2015 to achieve the goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable major retailer.
Plan A is working with the customers and suppliers to combat on reducing waste. This will lead to healthier lifestyle to everyone.
Target market
Promotional plan
For a successful promotional campaign, a plan has to be made which outlines and specifies the objectives. I would be proposing a number of successful promotional activities using effective communication medias in my campaign.

Objectives for my campaign
My objectives will be based on M&S main goal, which is to cut wastage and to improve everyone’s lifestyle. In order to obtain this goal, my objectives will be to * Increase customer awareness of the ways they can cut waste * Generate more sales for the business * Improve customer loyalty towards the product and business
Objectives explained
My first objective is to

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