Marks & Spencer Resources, Capabilities & Competitive Advantage

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Marks & Spencer Resources, Capabilities & Competitive Advantage Compiled for Paull Robathan. Author: Kerry Sheehan Monday, 02 February 2004 1EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the period up until the mid 1990's M&S had a market leading share of the clothing market. They used their resources and subsequent capabilities to exploit their differences from the competitors and create competitive advantage by: *Empowering suppliers/manufacturers with design responsibility *Closely managing supplier relationships *Brand management *Excellent customer service *Excellent working conditions *Their Britishness Through these unique policies they created CA and profitable growth. Richard Greenbury become Chair man and proceeded with a strategy that was…show more content…
*Attracted & retained quality employees Capacity for Communication & collaboration *'Total marketing ethos' *Executives regular store visits *Corporate structure & effective information management systems facilitated communication, as did close relationships with suppliers Culture *Caring & nurturing *Innovative, learning organisation *Strong culture - clear "way we do things round here". Motivation *Good employee relations Commitment to staff welfare *Competitive rewards package *Pride Figure 1 Links among resources, capabilities, and competitive advantage. (Grant, pg 139, 2002) 3.2TANGIBLE M&S
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