Marks & Spencer: Situational Analysis

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Marks and Spencer situational analysis 2. BUSINESS MODEL; BUSINESS PLAN AND EVALUATION BUSINESS SUMMARY Type of organisation: Sole trader Business name: Asian Spicy Food Business address: LamcyPlaza . Nature of business and market area: the business will produce and sell Asian food. Personnel: The businessperson will be Vishal Kanoongo (I) who has brought up COMPANY SUMMARY This business plan refers to opening a restaurant that provides Asian food. The restaurant is intended to sell fresh Asian foods, beers, fruit drinks and wines. I decided to start with these products because they aim at mass market and every age group of Asians in the market will purchase one product or the other, by doing this I'll make money from one product or the other. BUSINESS AIM To provide quality product, extensive menu of delicious foods, ensure customer awareness and loyalty and also have good publicity. PRODUCT PRESENTATION The restaurant intends to sell fresh Asian foods, beer, fruit drinks, wines, and others. The competitive advantage of the products provided by Asian Spicy Food relies on the combination of dishes in the menu and on their originality. The restaurant's cooks will be selected based on their experience and creativity. This is because the owner of the restaurant intends to develop a business in this industry based on original products, different from those of competitors, but while maintaining traditional principles of the Asian cuisine. Asian Spicy Food will be
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