Marks & Spencer's Approach to Closing Its French Stores: An Analysis

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Student Network Resources Inc. ©2003-2011 Marks and Spencer's Approach to Closing its French Stores: An Analysis Marks and Spencer is one of Britain's most well-known, beloved stores. Within its walls, you can get everything from clothes to quintessentially British food. It is a one-stop shop for many Britons who adore it. Because of its popularity and singular British-ness, the company thought to expand into Western Europe. After all, there were many communities of British expatriates all over the continent who would probably appreciate being able to get a little taste of home in their new locations. You can't buy meat pies and English tea just anywhere, after all. So the company duly opened stores all across the continent, much to the delight of British exports everywhere. They were finally able to get the things they loved from home again, and the stores became very popular. Not only that, the stores became popular among the native populations of the countries into which it expanded. It seems that people other than the British love British things, too. Marks and Spencer developed a huge loyal following wherever it went, it seems. Nowhere was this more evident than in France. The store was amazingly popular among the French, who were embracing British products and lifestyle in general with astonishing enthusiasm. Not only that, the British who were living in France in droves adored having one of their favorite stores nearby and accessible. Marks and Spencer proved

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