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Marks of a leader Leadership is the ability to guide, direct, or influence people. A good leader can do all of this while maintaining the approval of the people that he or she is leading. Some people want a leader to take control and others want a leader that is more flexible and will allow them to have a say in what the leader does. Due to this, leadership depends a lot on the people being lead.

A good leader needs to know what kind of people they are leading because that should effect how they lead. People do not respond to the same things. For example, my little brother absolutely needs a strict authority figure in order to operate because he will try to take advantage of a more democratic leader. I on the other hand,
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Many people do not think in the long term, therefore, they Probably will not see that what there leader is doing is what is best for him to do for the group as a whole. A leader needs good subordinate leaders so that he can do what the people want and have his subordinate leaders take the blame for the things that he does that his followers do mot approve of.

How well a leader can balance the groups wants and needs is a big part of how well he does as a leader because if he doesn’t do what the group wants they will not re-elect/allow him to lead any more. If He is not re-elected then he cannot lead, therefore he would be completely ineffective as a leader. This is why a leader has to choose subordinate leaders that are willing to do their dirty work.

A leader needs to be well spoken so as to make his wants, beliefs and ideas seem more appealing. The leader does not however have to be the smartest person in the group. Many extremely smart people would make horrible leaders merely because they do not have the social skills needed to motivate, encourage and at times scold. The best skill that a leader can have is the ability to see what is needed. Whether it is something like the way he treats his the people that he is leading, or whether he can see what needs to be done. A leader needs to know how to adapt
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