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MarkStrat Simulation Report Analysis for Firm A Market: SONITE Brand Names: SAKE and SAFE

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Jessie Bawak Emmanuel Nkabyo Phillips Morkeith

George Kirk
Applied Marketing Instructor

Southern University Baton Rouge
May, 2013

MarkStrat Simulation Report Analysis
When our team assumed the control, we here given two products SAFE and SAKE in the SONITE market. The physical characteristics of the two products were already fixed. We were given the task of managing the two products in the SONITE market and come up with a marketing strategy that would lead to better performance by the products.
In period 1 the two products were different from each other in terms of Weight, Design, Volume,
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In period 3 the market share was lowest than it had ever been before (19.1%), net contribution became higher than in the previous years and the stock price index dropped. Looking at the sale force management, the SAKE brand concentrated most of its sales force on mass merchandise and the SAFE brand gave more attention to the departmental stores. Seven marketing research studies were purchased, the base cost for both brands increased than before, more sales persons were hired and trained than in the previous periods. Following the multidimensional scaling, the brand performance for SAFE was pretty high on a scale of 16/20. But at the level of convenience it was poor with a negative scale of 15. The influence of the product characteristics on MDS dimensions were generally not impressive but the performance for power was very strong, convenience in terms of design was strong, but the performance of the weight, design and volume were average. The firm A fell behind other firms in terms competitive advertisement and in spite of all the investment on marketing research to boost purchase, consumer interest was still not impressive. For three periods, the SAKE brand was performing a lot better than t SAFE.
In period 4

Period: 6
Budget available:
Aims and Objectives: 1. While sales for SAKE were good there, it was competing mainly in the high quality/
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