Markteting Distribution Channel of Ceat Tyres

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Distribution channel and Channel Management at Ceat Tyres
CEAT Ltd., one of the oldest among RPG companies, is one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers. It manufactures tyres for the Heavy Duty Trucks & Buses, Light Commercial Vehicles, Earth Movers, Forklifts, Tractors, Trailers, Cars, Two & Three Wheelers and Off the road segments. It also exports tyres to over 90 countries. CEAT has two large tyre plants based in Mumbai (Bhandup) and Nasik(Satpur), a tyre plant in Cochin, in Kerala, through RADO Tyres, and two plants in CKITL and ACPL in Sri Lanka, through CEAT Kelani. Tyre Production aggregates over 7.6 million tyres per annum. Ceat produces Tyres for 3 different markets 1. OEM 2. Replacement tyres and 3. Exports.
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This is used mainly for passenger car and 2 wheeler tyre sales. The customers get a range of tyres and advise about selecting the right tyre while purchasing from here. They also get a very good after sales service. The region under each regional office is divided into sales territories that are handled by the territory leaders. The Sales in the region are headed by the Regional Manager. The territory leader caters to all the tyre dealers present in his sales territory.
However in the Mumbai Regional Office no territories have been given and TL’s are allowed to go anywhere in Mumbai and develop their dealers. This is so because when the Mumbai RO was formed most of the dealers in the region were loyal to MRF and hence it was important to convert as many as possible.
The responsibilities of the RO include:
1. Controlling & administration of office.
2. Handling of day to day work like administration, cash, sales/stock operations/M IS &legal formalities. 3. Reviews with sales field staff.
4. Review of commercial control.
5. Compiling of data received from the CFA.
6. Maintenance & Reconciliation of stocks & accounts.
To cover the upcountry sales, apart from the trader dealers, Ceat also has appointed area managers in important upcountry areas. Sales associates work under the area managers and are responsible for all the dealers in a given territory in the upcountry market. However the upcountry market is

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