Marlee Matlin Research Paper

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There are a couple very well-known Deaf entertainers, who have proven to a great extent the success that deaf actors can achieve. Marlee Matlin is featured in a plethora of movies and television shows. The role most should know her for is Sarah Normon in Children of a Lesser God, which she won an Oscar for, becoming the first deaf actress to win an Academy Award (Hunter, 2013). She’s also been main characters in movies such as Where the Truth Lies (1999), Hear No Evil (1993), Bridge to Silence (1989), Askari (2001), and Sweet Nothing in my Ear (2008) (Film/Tv/Awards, 2014). Just a few of the television shows she’s been in are Switched at Birth, Law and Order: SVU, and The West Wing (Film/Tv/Awards, 2014). She has competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2008, becoming the first deaf person to compete, but not to win.…show more content…
Nyle graduated from Gallaudet University with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, and has played the lead role in ASL Films Production’s In the Can, according to his website (Nyle DiMarco-About). His awards have even further pushed the acceptance and representation of Deaf entertainers, and the fact that he can do anything a hearing entertainer can, despite the odds being against him. His fearlessness touched at least one of the Dancing with the Stars’ judges, who learned a little bit of ASL in order to say, “Thank you for showing us your beautiful heart when you dance.” Since he is an advocate for the Deaf community, much of his work is meant to give deaf people hope. After his performance to The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel, which was specifically dedicated to the Deaf community, one of the judges remarked, “You said that’s a dance for deaf people … that was a dance for everyone. Nyle, you’re a very special person. And that was a very special
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