Marley Abramson Research Paper

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SUMMARY As part of the Havayah city-wide project, this year your children learned how to frame sacred time, people, and places within the framework of how their secular life intertwines with their Jewish life. They found their own meaning, created individual projects as well as group projects. The students determined how they wanted to learn and rose to the occasion as their final results showed. As a class we also discussed Shabbat, Hanukkah, and Passover. This was an amazing year of learning for me. Incredible teamwork and serious learning done by the students. Marley Abramson Marley is a gem. She is a serious student who always manages to participate in projects in a reserved and mature way. In her uniqueness, she became one of the class leaders – and yet never looked for the limelight. Her contributions were well directed. In Hebrew, she led the class in decoding and reached to help other students…show more content…
All year, he focused on the activity at hand, was committed to doing his best, and inspired others to pull together. Nathan is easy going, cooperative, and a joy to have in class. I appreciated that I could depend on him to do whatever I asked. His contributions helped our projects reach successful ends. Nathan, your potential is vast, your compassion for others immeasurable, in fact, you are a mensch who has much to offer. Have a really good summer. Jake Stoller Jake is an amazing mature young man. He uses his instincts to work in a positive independent manner and yet is always willing to help a fellow student. His work is always worth a second look. I appreciate Jake’s motivation to do well and he succeeds at whatever task he attempted; for instance, the speech, that he wrote for the 7 May program. It was right on target. I have truly enjoyed being Jake’s teacher and will miss him next year. Jake, have a great summer and thank you for everything you did this past school year. Sophia
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