Marlin Texas Hobby Unit

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First hand acknowledgement about Hobby Woman Unit in Marlin Texas, poor air circulation, medical care and service and poison water. In 2003 I was introduce to Hobby Hotel know as 76661 the hell pit. As stated in my research First hand, information and information from inmates that has been document in court filing. Hobby Unit was a place inmate died or wanted to die by the hands of other are taking their own lives. The prison were overcrowded and understaffed it was known that the staff did not care what happen to the inmates. The Staff were there just to get a paycheck. The officer would write violation "Case" against the inmate just because or should I say they have power over the inmate. Having cases against you would cause you…show more content…
The toilet in the cells backed up with urine and feces while fowl flies, and gnats had started to surface due to the toilets not being flushed. It was like this for four to five days. Three-minute showers or no shower but once a week were added later. All this happened in 2003, but the problem originally began years ago. "This contaminated water should only be used -- if they just have to use it at all -- for the purpose of showering and flushing toilets. A better filtration system for our drinking water is the only solution to this problem, and according to risk manager Emily Davidson, this [filtration system] has been a long anticipated solution to be installed in the near future. [Note: A water-polishing unit supposedly cured the contamination problem, but a risk management official has recently admitted to Caples that more filtration is needed! Until that extra filtration installed, the Hobby Unit inmates remain exposed to contaminated water.] In August of 2004 [note: the temperature was running anywhere from 100 to 106 degrees every day at the time] offenders at the Hobby Unit went through several boil water issues. Some [boil alerts] lasted an entire month. Nevertheless, TDCJ officials claimed there was nothing wrong with the water. [Note: there were six suicides and four deaths due to heat-related illness that same summer.] However, there is more wrong with the habitat here

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