Marlowe And Sam Spade Analysis

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Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade are two similar characters, who both embody the true spirit of the hardboiled detective genre. However, Marlowe and Spade are also two very different types of characters, especially when it comes to their novel versus cinematic counterparts. Marlowe and Spade’s attitudes on the femme fatales, how they perform during their investigations, and their interactions with others show how different but similar the two detectives are, resulting in both being the classic staples of the genre. Marlowe is a very different person from Spade, especially when showing off their attitudes. In the opening scenes of The Maltese Falcon, Spade can be seen joking around with his partner, Miles Archer, while also remaining the more…show more content…
151) This is immediately followed by Carmen Sternwood appearing, naked, in Marlowe’s apartment. Unlike any other scene in the book, this causes Marlowe to show a great deal of annoyance and anger to Carmen, resulting in him angrily kicking her out of his apartment before letting loose his anger on his bed. (Chandler, Pg. 153-159) Where Spade fell in love with his femme fatale, Marlowe is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He subverts the trope in an entirely different way. Because he knows that the women in these investigations may attempt to manipulate him, he uses that knowledge to manipulate them back so he can get closer to the truth. The biggest example of this is in the final scene where Marlowe heads to an empty makeshift gun range with Carmen. He already knows she’s responsible for Rusty’s murder, and he uses that to turn the tables and get her to admit the truth by placing blanks in his gun before she attempts to murder Marlowe. (Chandler, Pg. 215-220) Chandler’s Marlowe doesn’t get involved with the femme fatales at all, showing the biggest different between Marlowe and Spade, who is put in bad situations as a result of his. The two detectives also perform their investigations very differently. Spade originally worked with a partner, and during his investigation after his partner is killed, O'Shaughnessy often accompanies him instead. There’s a variety of people around the city whom Spade is friends with, allowing him to

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