Maroo Of The Winter Caves

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In the book Maroo of the Winter Caves by Ann Turnbull, we are introduced to a group of Cro Magnon at the end of the last Ice Age in what is now France. Maroo and her people face lethal obstacles during unforgiving weather, however, they survived. Being capable to endure such conditions would get hold of true intelligence Maroo and her people were keenly intelligent because they could hunt, they had a culture, and most of all the capability of crafting. Overall, a Maroo and her people weren’t some cave people who ran around banging on their chest, they showed denotements of intelligence. One reason Maroo and her people are intelligent as they had the competency to hunt. For example,(Turnbull, 8), “The hunters had approached. Otak and Maroo…show more content…
For example, (Turnbull, 64), “The women were bringing heftily ponderous stones, which they placed on Areg’s chest and legs to keep the spirit from ambulating away.” This shows that in their culture they believe the spirits of the dead will walk away if they are not covered. Additionally, (38) “All day the Seal People visually examined as the families worked in their homes.” This denotes that Maroo and her people thought that seals were people. In additament, Maroo and her people edified that their reflection in the water was their spirit. When Tikek was talking to Maroo, she mentions " Great Mother" and how they needed to pray to her so they can survive the winter. Another part of their culture was having a celebration when the hunters brought large amounts of food. To summarize, Maroo and her people were keenly intellective because they had a…show more content…
For example, Maroo and her people lived such an arduous time, and they had certain ways of having fun like playing the drum. Maroo and her people didn’t buy their drums from the stores, they build them. Also, (Turnbull, 77) “We have to stop and build a snow house until the blizzard is over.” Maroo and her people kenned how to build snow houses during the blizzard. In integration, maroo and her people were able to build implements such as scrapers, knives, bowls, and etc. Whenever Old Mother is making warm water with dried herbs she makes fire with a bow-drill. Making fire was astronomically arduous in the Ice Ages, without fire Maroo and her people would have died from the cold. This shows that Maroo and her people were intelligent enough to build fires. This shows that they had the perspicacity of building implements which availed them survive and make their lives more facile. To summarize, Maroo and her people, were intelligent because they had the capability of building something
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