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Case 1: Marriott International With a philosophy of hard work, clean living, and commitment to perfection, J. Willard Marriott turned a nine-stool root beer stand into one of the fastest-growing and most profitable companies in the highly competitive food and lodging business. It is not just the business that makes Marriott, one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ on the Fortune’s list for an impressive 18 years. This company has been a people favorite for all of these 18 years. The basis of their people philosophy can be found in the following statement by the founder, "Take care of your people & they will take care of your customers." This statement has been the core of many path-breaking benefits that the company has been giving at all levels of employment for example, pre-shift dance sessions for housekeepers, free lifetime travel deals (for some), Oscar-style awards nights, great colleagues, and the chance to develop a desirable career. The company believes in their employees and provides opportunity of growth within the organization. With over 38% of jobs filled internally and another 35% of employee referrals, the group not only saves money but…show more content…
To achieve this mission, its integrated system of innovative solutions and advanced technologies work together. Hilton believes that “people are key to providing an outstanding hospitality experience” and thus aims at recruiting and retaining industry’s finest “team members”. Best-in-class human resources systems like “PeopleSoft” and “SuccessFactors” are used to recruit and retain industry’s finest staff. With its five major Talent Acquisition Centers (TACs) to maintain database for electronic “applicant tracking and internet recruiting”, Hilton utilizes its updated database to track turnover statistics, drug testing costs and background

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