Marquis Chauncey Christian

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Mr. Marquis Chauncey Christian was born to Bentley Byrd Christian and Josephine Audrey Payne in Bangor, Maine on Oct. 5, 1958. He was born the second child of two boys. In 1963, when the late president John F. Kennedy was assassinated Marquis was five years old still at home and not in public school. Marquis favorite pass time was trying to fix or make things better. He loved playing with fire and electricity. Marquis graduated from High school while in the United States Army stationed in Verona, Italy in 1976. He spent three years in Italy with his wife Vickie Lorraine Christian and infant son Tomiko Tavares Christian. After spending 3 years in Verona, Italy he was reassigned to Ft. Bragg, NC while he waited for his new Military Occupational Skill (MOS) as a Continuous Wave…show more content…
After Ft Bliss, TX. I was stationed in Seoul, Korea. Then, back to Redstone, Arsenal as an instructor teaching electronics. Next, He reenlisted again as a Tactical Satellite Microwave System Operator at Ft. Gordon. Then, He when to Ft. Bragg, NC as a Satellite System operator. During a period of service at Ft. Bragg, NC He had attained the rank of Sergeant and was a team chief of a Troposcatter radio team. He earned the Army's achievement medal for excellent planning and implementing a communication link from the South to the North along the coast of California. Sgt. Christian ended his military career at Ft. Bragg, NC after servicing 10 years in the armed forces returning to Norfolk, Virginia his father and mother's place of birth. Marquis enrolled and attended Electronics Computer Programming Institute (ECPI) enrolling in the Electronics program there. Marquis excelled in his class because of his prior military and electronics training. Mr. Christian graduated amount the top 3 in his class being offered positions with Michelin Tire Company and Hydroscience Inc. He chose employment with Hydroscience providing repairs to the
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