Marquis De Lafayette : A French General And Hero Of The American Revolution

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Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier or Marquis de Lafayette was a French general and hero of the American Revolution. Excited by the ideas of the American Revolution, Lafayette served alongside General George Washington during the revolution. Often known as a “hero of two worlds”, Lafayette gained much of his fame by successfully co-leading the American forces in the siege of Lord Cornwallis’ British armies at Yorktown. This success is what helped America win the Revolutionary War, by forcing the British to surrender and grant America their freedom. Marquis de Lafayette was born into the Mortier family, a family of French aristocrats, on September 6, 1757, in Chavaniac, France. When Lafayette was only two years old, his father was killed in a battle during the Seven Years War. Then, in 1770 Lafayette lost his mother, along with his grandfather a few weeks later. Consequently, 12 year old Lafayette inherited a majority of his family’s wealth. He went on to spend 3 years studying at the Collage du Plessis, a distinguished secondary school in Paris. Later in 1771, he joined the French Army. However, Lafayette was forced to retire 5 years later, due to strict military reforms. In 1773, Marquis de Lafayette married the 14 year old, Marie Adrienne Francoise de Noailles, who was a member of a prominent French family. At this point in time he had not yet shown a serious interest in the political conflicts that were occurring under the reign of King Louis XVI, but he also

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