Marriage : A Relationship That Will Last For A Lifetime

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Marriage: How to Cultivate a Relationship That Will Last for a Lifetime The Bible defines marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman sanctioned by God (Ge. 2:24 NIV). As a young man I knew that a marriage could be a challenging prospect. My parents separated, remarried, and divorced again. This skewed my perception of marriage; I believed that marriage was just an archaic tradition that held little relevance in modern society. However, time passed, feelings changed and I found myself in the middle of three year relationship with my future wife. I remember family members explaining to me that the time had come to make up my mind concerning my future with her. They urged me to marry her, or let her go, so that someone else could and provide her with the family life she deserved. However, an older married couple that was mutual friends observed our fears and pledged to guide us if we chose to marry. Since then, I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge concerning marriage. This essay will discuss some of my understanding as I explain the importance of mutual spiritual commitment, adhering to shared moral values, and companionship.
Mutual Spiritual Commitment
Mutual spiritual commitment in a married couples relationship affects every aspect of their life. Because of their mutual spiritual commitment their marriage together has meaning and purpose. Their mutual spiritual commitment gives them an inner peace. As a married couple, they also exhibit spiritually…
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