Marriage Ancient China

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In recent years, marriage has become not only a relationship with one man and one woman, but in America same sex couples and men who have multiples wives are able to wed as well. Indian and Japanese men and women are able to wed through an arrangement of both families. In ancient China, Chinese couples also had arranged marriages, but in modern times the tradition has faded. Although the way people get married is different a woman’s role in the marriage is similar culture to culture throughout ancient India, China, and Japan, divorce is a common practice in American now, but thousands of years ago there were still laws and criticisms among couples in Indian and Chinese Civilizations preventing such action, and life after a death of a…show more content…
Most of the women in the stories were young girls and the time of marriage was usually very short. The girl, Sun Yinxiao was seventeen and her marriage lasted less than a year. She, “…bound a wide girdle round the beam to hang herself.”(180) Huang Yujue was only fifteen and was only engaged to Chen Rujing when she took a knife to the throat. The amount of bravery shown by the Chinese women to kill themselves to have personal virtue is still questionable to the Chinese people. Marriage, divorce and death is shown and presented in different way in different cultures. Indian civilizations have the Laws of Manu to explain what roles women should perform and how divorces should be performed. Chinese cultures who have the Yin and Yang as a part of marriages not specific duties. Because of the bond, the ancient Chinese wives committed suicide after the death of their husbands. The Japanese are simple in what a woman’s role should be, simply loving and forgiving her husband after mistakes. Although different cultures have different ideas of marriage most husbands and wives still work hard to make it strong, healthy, and
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