Marriage And Gender Roles: Article Analysis

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Both spouses within their marriage have to compromise with one another and talk about their gender roles.
The specific roles men and women have within their marriage. The writer focuses on how necessary it is for both spouses needing to talk about things or else it’ll turn out into an enormous disaster.
According to,“In 2012, less than one million fathers were primary caregivers.” Rather than it being the wife as how it’s been used to for years, that’s how it was. “The social construct led to a legislative change in places. For example, California. New Jersey, and and Rhode Island are the only ones who offer paid paternal leave.” The traditional mindset was that the female in the marriage was always the one who took care of the children.
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According to, “A marriage is partnership and when one spouse needs support the other one should lend a helping hand.” In the article the author wants to have both partners discuss the specific gender roles that they had in their home before getting married because after marriage it’s too late and later on conflict and disagreements take over.
According to, “...51 percent of survey respondents believe that mothers should stay at home and not be employed, as it makes children “better off.”
That in a way isn’t fair to the marriage because the man is
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