Marriage And Love Marriage

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Marriage is often a complex connection between two individuals, however, there are many significant factors that go into the process of getting married. One factor that plays an influential role in marriage is family involvement. In society, it is a common misconception that arranged marriages offer little or no choice to the individuals getting married. People typically believe that the families of these two parties play a controlling role in the arrangement of these marriages. In actuality, these individuals usually have as much say as their families would have. The two people looking to get married usually have a sit down meeting with their respective families and then they get asked for their approval afterwards. So in a sense, people who choose to have an arranged marriage actually in fact do have a choice. To many this may be not sit well, but many of the most successful marriages “were brought together not by love, but by family and friends” (Potter). The idea that is produced by society about love marriages is that they are only a shared bond between two individuals, but the families of the two parties are very much involved in this linking as well. It is common courtesy for the male partner to ask the father of his significant other for his blessings, before he “pops the question”. Family approval and involvement is something that is commonly present in both types of marriage, however, the type of family involvement in arranged and love marriages differ.
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