Marriage And The Role Of Women

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Kate Eickhoff
Dr. White
IB 11 English
28 November 2016
Marriage Essay
During the 14th century, marriage and the role of women in the marriage were very different from today. Most marriages in the 14th century occurred between an older man and a young girl; a girl is usually chosen because they were pure and could produce the most heirs. The bride’s family would pay the husband through a dowry, consisting of land, money, or anything of high value. The more unattractive the women were, the more the family would have to pay the husband. Right here, women are already being objectified by their looks. Men want a girl who looks pure and untouched, why would anyone want a dirtied girl. Being someone who was not good-looking was an even bigger disgrace since your appearance does not please your husband, you are not doing your job of keeping him happy. Women are often portrayed as an object of men to be bought and fondled with; they are not allowed to control their lives. Geoffrey Chaucer took part in telling the story of how many women acted in the 14th century and how the women were portrayed at this time. Chaucer’s views on marriage are made very clear throughout The Canterbury Tales. He used the five marriage tales: “The Shipman’s Tale," “The Wife’s Prologue”, “The Clark’s Tale”, “The Merchant’s Tale”, and “The Franklin’s Tale” to express his views on marriage, “I was struck most strongly by how much he knew about love, about men and women, by the depth and complexity of an
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