Marriage, Divorce, And Cultural Changes Essay

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    4 Cohabiting The second concept that I will discuss is cohabiting. Cohabiting is when a couple lives together and has a sexual relationship without being married. It has been led by the social changes/views, marriage, gender roles, and religion. According to my notes, “Cohabiting is more common among: lower level of education, insecurity, previously married people, parental divorce, and those with liberal attitudes about marriage and divorce. Now the question is, why is cohabiting increasing? Its due to delayed marriage, reduced economic incentive to marry, reduced risk of pregnancy, divorce, and cultural changes.” In the article, “How Cohabitation is Reshaping American families,” it shares that “most couples marrying today already know what living with their spouse will be like. That’s because they have been living together long before they walk down the aisle. The most common path to marriage is cohabitation, not dating. Once described as “living in sin” or “Shacking up,” cohabitation has become an experience.” I thought this was a powerful statement because it explains cohabitation and American families. “Cohabitation is a distinct family form, neither singlehood nor marriage.” (Brown). Cohabitation has become the most common relationship in American society. There are two groups of cohabiters, with a college degree and without a college degree. with a college degree: cohabiters are more likely to be in the labor force, have similar

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