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Marriage has been deteriorating in our society for some time now. If we compare today’s generation to a hundred years back you can see that the term marriage is viewed very differently. The word marriage means, “The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.” Although the idea of marriage can mean something different to anyone, it has become clear that it is not valued like it once was. Marriage has been deteriorating in our society for quite some time causing young marriage to be looked down upon. In the late fourth century St. Augustine spoke of three reasons for the “good of marriage”: the goodness of progeny, the control of…show more content…
How can we be sexually independent--and wives? How can we demand to be treated identically to men--except for the times when we don’t want to be? And how are men supposed to react to all this?” While young women today may take for granted the professional respect their mothers carved, they no longer can expect marriage, stability and children when they want them, or any special respect from men. These young women try to plan their lives from “scratch” with little thought on how to incorporate their modern day life with old institutions of marriage and motherhood. They wish to be free, strong and independent. To find a husband who will be devoted and monogamous, interesting, to have a fulfilling jobs, and be involved. Traditional structure is not so readily reconciled with modern convenience, and yet modern convenience is something few people today will go without. Edith Wharton once wrote, “I have sometimes thought that a women’s nature is like a great house full of rooms.” Meaning our souls are large enough to accommodate many roles. Although, “if we want our homes to be comfortable, expansive places, echoing with the sound of children, with the smell of good cooking, a warm husband in our beds and of course a quiet room of our own in which to work or retreat to, then we are going to have to
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