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INTRODUCTION Marriage is one of the deepest and most complex involvements of human relationships. It is a corner stone of society and a very necessary part of the social system. It is a crucial and sacred bond between two personalities merging into one for ideas, attitudes, habits and likes and dislikes. In Philippines marriage is considered a lifelong partnership. It is the foundation stone on which the family is built. Basically marriage is a social and legal contract. People marry great number of reasons- personal or social. Usually they have a certain preconceived notions about the kind of person they would like to marry. The large percentage of separation each year, non-marital
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It plays an important role in transmitting culture and civilization to future generations. Nowadays, family is becoming just an individualistic conjugal family, not even aware of its roots. From times immemorial, Filipinos have tried to idealize and sanctify the institution of marriage as no other civil society has done so far (Diwan 2005). The concept of marriage–a sort of man-woman relationship as a responsible one-to-one unit of society-evolved a unique human family system. Its essential components were intercourse, procreation of children and living together with mutual obligations and responsibilities to the care of offspring. The traditional Filipino family was an institution, a joint family system, characterized by homogeneous togetherness of parents, grandparents, sons and daughters, their spouses, even uncles and aunts. Marriage is not merely a private contract, but a social institution of great public value and concern. Since the 1940s and 1950s, the composition of families has changed, with marriage rates declining substantially. Cherlin (2004) discusses the deinstitutionalization of marriage. Society has become more accepting of different forms of marriage and alternatives to marriage. As social science research and government surveys increasingly show, the decline in marriage since the 1960s has been accompanied by a rise in a number of serious social problems. Since the 1960s, marriage has moved from being a companionate type of
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